An Overview of Portrait Photography

On the surface, portrait photography might seem like one of the more simple methods. However, taking a good portrait photograph takes real skill and vision. A portrait photograph isn’t just about the photo itself being high quality. It’s all about the composition, making sure the person in the photograph is at the right angle to the camera and is properly… Read more →

Keeping Camera Lenses Safe on the Road

Camera lenses are a necessity for people who are keen photographers and will allow you to take far more photos than you could with just the one lens. If you’re a professional photographer, then camera lenses are simply essential, giving you all the equipment you need to do your job properly. They can be difficult to transport though as they… Read more →

How to Plan your Schedule as a Professional Photographer

As a professional photographer, it might sound like a dream to have too much work! It’s not a career that is easy for you to start out in, and if you build up enough of a reputation to be in demand with clients, this is a highly desirable position to be in. However, you also need to be realistic about… Read more →

Selling the Photographs that you Take

Many photographers have a sideline as photographer retailers or framers, so they can sell their work. Of course, this won’t be appropriate if you have photographed a wedding or party, but if you also work with landscapes and objects, it can make you some extra money quite easily. The most important thing to remember is presenting your images beautifully so… Read more →