Selling the Photographs that you Take

Many photographers have a sideline as photographer retailers or framers, so they can sell their work. Of course, this won’t be appropriate if you have photographed a wedding or party, but if you also work with landscapes and objects, it can make you some extra money quite easily. The most important thing to remember is presenting your images beautifully so… Read more →

Marketing your Work as a Photographer

Photographers need to market their work as much as any profession – perhaps even more so than many professions. People will choose you based on your skills and whether you can create the kind of work they like, so it is important that they can see what you can do. Marketing your work will help you to bring in more… Read more →

Getting to Grips with Professional Photography

Photography can be an amazing career path to follow. After all, being able to do what you love is a real privilege. If you are going to think about photography as a viable career, you should begin thinking about how to make it work as soon as you can. You should make sure you have plenty of experience, above anything… Read more →

Newborn Photo Shoots – Welcoming your Baby to the World

A newborn photo shoot is the perfect way to celebrate a new addition to the family. If someone else in the family has just had a baby, it can make a great present to buy them a photo shoot for their new arrival. Professional photographers will have the skills to capture some beautiful moments that you really won’t want to… Read more →