Getting to Grips with Professional Photography

Photography can be an amazing career path to follow. After all, being able to do what you love is a real privilege. If you are going to think about photography as a viable career, you should begin thinking about how to make it work as soon as you can. You should make sure you have plenty of experience, above anything… Read more →

Newborn Photo Shoots – Welcoming your Baby to the World

A newborn photo shoot is the perfect way to celebrate a new addition to the family. If someone else in the family has just had a baby, it can make a great present to buy them a photo shoot for their new arrival. Professional photographers will have the skills to capture some beautiful moments that you really won’t want to… Read more →

How to Prepare for a Corporate Shoot

Corporate photo shoots are often requested by companies for their websites and marketing literature. As a photographer, you need to be able to adapt your skills to a corporate situation, understand your clients and get a feeling for what they want to get out of the shoot. Much of this is in the communication before the shoot itself. Talk to… Read more →

Tips to Improve your Photography Skills

Even the most advanced photographers sometimes need a helping hand. There are always ways in which you can improve the photographs you take. Here are some tips to consider to help you take beautiful photographs, every time: Know about aperture. A good understanding of aperture will help you transform your photos. Aperture is the opening of your camera that lets… Read more →