Learning to photograph Animals

Animals are a tricky subject for any photographer, even the most experienced one. They can be so enjoyable and rewarding to capture on camera though, so animal photography is a skill that lots of people want to pick up. Here are our top tips for creating beautiful images of animals: Be patient. Animals don’t respond to direction like human subjects,… Read more →

iPhone 7 Camera Rumours…

The 4.7 inch iPhone 7 camera will be getting an upgrade but this report focuses on the brand-new dual camera system which will be exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus. The report says the dual camera will enable optical zoom and ‘light field camera applications’. The dual camera is made up of a wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera. Both cameras will… Read more →

Optical Viewfinder

Found on DSLR cameras, the optical viewfinder allows the user to compose shots whilst seeing exactly what the lens sees. This is possible by the viewfinder using a mixture or mirrors and prisms to bounce the actual image to the viewfinder and the users eye. Sounds good, but are there any cons of using a viewfinder? Read on below. Pros… Read more →