Optical Viewfinder

Found on DSLR cameras, the optical viewfinder allows the user to compose shots whilst seeing exactly what the lens sees. This is possible by the viewfinder using a mixture or mirrors and prisms to bounce the actual image to the viewfinder and the users eye. Sounds good, but are there any cons of using a viewfinder? Read on below. Pros… Read more →

What Exactly is a Photojournalist?

Different photographers will have different approaches to projects. Events photography can be as cheesy or natural as the photographer want it to be, and the photojournalist approach is all about reporting on the day’s events. This means that there are no cheesy photos where the guests are forced into different positions. It’s a kind of ‘fly on the wall ‘approach… Read more →

The Perks of a Camera Club

Camera clubs are a brilliant way to learn more about photography techniques, and pick up technical tips about your camera. They can prove very positive for new photographers, or those who have a new camera and aren’t sure how to use it to its full potential. Chances are other members will have a lot of experience. There will also be… Read more →

What Is Aperture?

This question gets asked a lot, so we thought it would be best if we break down the definition of the word – aperture. Ais a hole within a lens, through which light travels into the camera body. The concept is easier to understand, if you think about how the human eye works. Every camera that we know of today… Read more →

A Brief Introduction to Digital Photography

Digital Photography is a new term which came about during the first digital camera, which was bought out around in the late 1990’s and back then, featured some truly horrific ideas. However, since their inception back in the 90’s digital cameras and the technology used within them truly have become market leading and now you can buy cameras which will… Read more →