Some New Ways to Think About Photography

Photography is an art and many people can get bogged down in the technicalities of it. If you are finding yourself falling out of love with photography a little bit, you are definitely not alone. Lots of people get to the stage where they feel like the creativity is running out. Here are some ideas to recapture your love of photography:


  • Look for arty subjects. Think about how something will look as a piece of art and whether you’d hang it on the wall in a frame. Try and make beautiful images that you will love to look at.
  • Read photography magazines. Find out more about the subject you love and explore the work of others.
  • Take a photography course. If your camera has always just been a hobby, learn to approach photography in a more structured way and learn some new skills.
  • Go on photography walks. Take photos that make you smile of things you want to remember. It’s a hobby that really can be that simple.