Tips to Improve your Photography Skills

Even the most advanced photographers sometimes need a helping hand. There are always ways in which you can improve the photographs you take. Here are some tips to consider to help you take beautiful photographs, every time:

  • Know about aperture. A good understanding of aperture will help you transform your photos. Aperture is the opening of your camera that lets light in. A larger f-stop means a smaller opening.
  • Balance your photos. Use white balance setting to avoid overexposure. Change settings when using a filter, or your camera will try to overcompensate for the filter.
  • Use the flash to avoid silhouettes. If you are photographing a person or object with the sun behind them, change your flash setting from ‘auto’ to ‘on’.
  • ¬†Use the rule of thirds. This help make a more aesthetically pleasing composition. Position subjects one third from the top, bottom or side of the photograph for good proportions.